AMEND the Law Indicating 3% Philhealth Premiums for Physicians and 0​.​5% Yearly Increase

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We are starting this petition in the hopes that you will hear our plight as ordinary citizens and as physicians. Please help us.

During this Covid 19 pandemic, we, the physicians of the Philippines are risking our lives to save our countrymen. We are paying for personal protective equipment out of our own pockets and most of all , our families also bear the brunt of the sacrifice. The new payment scheme to be a private Accredited Healthcare Professional under the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation which is roughly 600% more than our previous premium is another burden that we health care practitioners have to bear. Government doctors also have 5% deduction from their salaries. I hope us doctors will be spared from this steep payment schemes. Like any ordinary citizen, we also have a family to feed, medications to buy, children to send to school and parents to support. Financing the Universal Health Law should not be shouldered by doctors since most of us are not rich and are still paying off huge student loans. We also have a lot of premiums to pay in terms of our dues to our societies and other associations. Cost of continuing medical education is also very expensive especially for us who are just starting out and who do not accept sponsorship from other companies.