Amelia's Bill: Hold Doctors Accountable For Known Umbilical Cord Related Stillbirths.

Amelia's Bill: Hold Doctors Accountable For Known Umbilical Cord Related Stillbirths.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Caroline Kercheval

On July 20, 2020 I walked into my OB/GYN's office for an ultrasound of my daughter, Amelia. I was told everything looked fine, was given no further instructions for additional monitoring of any kind and was sent on my way.

On August 5,2020 I awoke to no movements from my baby. I waited about 2 hours before going straight to my OB/GYN's office where I found out at approx 11:15am that my daughter had passed away. I was told that this is an unfortunate event that I may never have the answer for.

On August 6,2020 at 6:15pm I delivered my daughter at 34 weeks gestation naturally at the labor and delivery unit of the hospital. She was beautiful and I got my answer to the cause of her death. Her umbilical cord wrapped tightly 5 times around her neck had cause significant oxygen loss to her little body and she passed away sometime in the night of August 4th. What I found out later was that my doctors were aware of the cord and its placement around her neck PRIOR to her death. In fact they witnessed it at the appointment on July 20th.

I was never told. I was never given any facts. I was never aware and there was never any additional monitoring recommended for me. After her death, I attempted to sue my doctor and after meeting with 5 separate lawyers in 3 different states, they all told me I had an "unwinable case". The laws protect doctors by stating that the fetus has no human rights until it is born. Had my daughter been born alive and then died later due to hypoxia during delivery, I would have a case. 

As it stands today, doctors are NOT required to perform Umbilical Cord Placement scans and likewise are NOT required to tell the mother if they see an issue. I was told before leaving the hospital after birthing my stillborn daughter that "Its not usually an issue until labor so we don't tell the parents until then". I was given no chance to even advocate for myself or my daughter. They stripped my basic human right as a mother to fight for my baby. Had they recommended a C-Section on July 20th, my daughter would have lived. I was not given the chance to make MY decision about MY body and MY baby. I have Amelia's ashes and that's all I will ever have. 

THIS MUST CHANGE. Standard of care MUST change. The LAW must change. I am working on the Amelia Bill which will require doctors to not only perform umbilical cord examinations at EVERY ultrasound appointment but also require doctors to inform the mother of said placement. Furthermore, I am proposing that should these very basic standards of care not be performed, doctors can be held liable by law. 

Please help me by supporting this bill in honor of my sweet angel, Amelia. I can't take back what happened to me but perhaps through me I can prevent this from happening to another family.

Thank you for your support. 

2,303 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!