Please stop garbage dump near Praneeth Panorama, Ameenpur, Beerumguda.

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Garbage is being dumped close to residential areas of Ameenpur. This is precisely in front of Praneeth Panoram one of the several available gated communities in Ameenpur-Beeramguda vicinity. We are experiencing filthy smell and also the garbage is being burnt in the same location and is eventually polluting air. This in turn is accounting to residents' ill health. Since the residents count is increasing quite rapidly, we urge you to take this as a very serious issue and bring it to the attention of concerned departments' officials. If this can be taken as priority and can be resolved immediately we will be very grateful to you. In the best interest of health and well being of residents of Ameenpur and Beeramguda, we are hopeful that you will take this matter to the next level and help us resolve this concern immediately.

While efforts were put forth in terms of taking the matter to the constituency's People representative, officials of gram panchayath, we have not witnessed any progress thus far and the garbage is growing exponentially every day. Efforts were made to bring it to the attention of pollution control board also. We are waiting on them too to help us solve the problem.

While the Executive Officer also is putting in efforts, it seems they are looking for an alternative land to shift the garbage dump yard. Seems that revenue department's co-operation is much needed here.

Please accept our sincere gratitude in advance for all your extended help in this matter.

Deeraj Bommaraju