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Provide Closed Caption devices in ALL auditoriums, in EVERY AMC Movie Theater location, across the U.S.

There is a large population of Americans being ignored by movie theater companies.  AMC is one of the largest movie theater companies in the US.  AMC is denying a huge community of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, fair access to the movie going experience.  

I am an American Sign Language student.  My fiancee and I love going to the movies together.  My fiancee also happens to be Deaf.  In the Indianapolis area alone, there is only one AMC theater which offers CC devices however, the location does not offer CC in every auditorium.  This means that without a CC device, if the movie was released more then 2 weeks ago, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing guests have no access to it.  This petition is being started in an effort to urge AMC theaters to allow Deaf and Hard of Hearing guests, fair access to movies.  

AMC is just the beginning!  There are several movie theater companies which are just as guilty of denying access to Deaf and Hard of Hearing guests.  This petition focuses on AMC because of their National recognition and the sheer number of theaters they own.  There is no valid excuse for discriminating against the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.  Children who want to see the latest Disney/Pixar movie are limited to a two week release window IF they are granted access at all.  Deaf and HOH individuals are left out of family movie events and are limited to DVD rentals and purchases.  Who can deny that a movie is better on the big screen?  

Movie going is an experience, not just an activity.  Offering CC devices in every auditorium, in every AMC theater across the nation is a win/win situation, for both the company of AMC and for Deaf and HOH moviegoers.  

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