Justice for Naomi Jones, 12, who was kidnapped, murdered. Found in creek 4miles from home.

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When it comes down to safety, children are the first ones that come to mind. Keeping our children safe and out of harms way should be our number one priority. The words that follow this introduction belong to my cousin Shantara Hurry who lost her daughter May 31, 2017 to Robert Howard of Brewton, Alabama.

May 31st was the day that our families lives changed. My daughter, Naomi Jones, age 12 was kidnapped and murdered by a sex offender not registered in the state of Florida. He just so happened to live in the next apartment building with his girlfriend and child. Once I received the call from my second oldest child that he hadn’t seen Naomi, shortly after she went missing, I rushed home from work to find Naomi. It was very unusual that she wasn’t home. I knew my daughter wasn't a run away; I knew something was wrong. My goal is to make the Naomi Alert for all children over the age of 11, which the best way to get information out to the general public. Through cellphones, I know it will do way more justice for pre-teens and teenagers because not every child is a run away. The BOL alert only notifies police officers; we need everyone in our community to be on the look out for our missing children.

WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR DONATIONS! Please help my cousin, our family and other families in our situation, to find a better way to communicate state and nationwide of our missing youth. Losing a child is the worse feeling anyone can imagine, I would hate for another child's life to be lost at the hands of killers, molesters and child traffickers.