Please allow Phra Rujisri to stay in the UK - urgent!

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Phra Rujisri is a Buddhist monk and the abbot of our temple in Manchester. Phra Rujisri has had his visa revoked.

We request that the Home Office reconsider their decision and allow him to remain in the UK.

Phra Rujisri is a person of great integrity, kindness and wisdom who has had an immense impact on the lives of people in our community, regardless of their personal beliefs.

As a Buddhist, he practices compassion, mindfulness, selflessness, patience, and respect for others. He cultivates inner peace and inspires others to develop this quality in themselves.

Phra Rujisri has a great understanding of Buddhism and meditation, and he has excellent English language skills.

Our temple depends upon his guidance and he has fostered many positive relationships between our communities. Phra Rujisri is indispensable to us.

Phra Rujisri has provided the wisdom, direction and energy to help to transform an old, semi-derelict church building into a thriving and vibrant temple.

Phra Rujisri teaches weekly meditation classes for local people. They experience many benefits including reducing stress, overcoming depression and sleep problems and learning to develop focus and concentration.

Phra Rujisri generously gives his time to others. He visits families, primary schools, universities and Cub Scout groups. He also provides food and other essential items to homeless people. He helps people to learn to cope better with the problems and worries of life by encouraging a more positive outlook. His help is often life-changing.

Phra Rujisri is supported entirely by donations from the community at no cost to the state. 

Phra Rujisri overstayed his minister of religion visa, when he had emergency dental surgery outside the UK. The Home Office has not taken this into consideration when dealing with Phra ™Rujisri’s case.

Phra Rujisri will have to leave the UK at short notice because of this, and we believe this is disproportionate because he contributes so much to our lives and to the life of the local community.

Our hope now is that the UK Home Office will reconsider their decision. We ask that they have compassion and understanding and allow him to stay to continue his good work.

Please sign our petition in support of Phra Rujisri.

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