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Arming Civilians - Community Marshals

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In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks against unarmed civilians, I would like to start a petition to government to create an armed civilian force made up of vetted ex police/ex military, who as a civic duty can carry concealed weapons in public places, similar to air marshalls. Up and down the country. They would be on call, like lifeboat volunteers, to assist or intervene when police response is delayed or impractical as in rural areas. It is simply not right that any extremists with knives or guns can go unchallenged for more than a few minutes. Whilst serving we all were trained in the rules of engagement, Special rules can be written for this so it cannot be abused. if broken there can be severe punishments. I would happily volunteer time to serve the community in this way. It may mean signing out a weapon from the Police station and signing it back in, at least the streets would be a little safer, it would be unpaid, so little cost to tax payer. In effect a Dad's army to fill the void that extreme terrorists bathe in - unarmed and defenceless civilians. Please support this petition to the Home Secretary and parliament. It beats lighting candles, making speeches, saying how terrible things are, making politicans having to lie about how many police we have armed to get votes and so forth. We simply want to protect good innocent people from evil doers. There is 1m+ ex military and police out there, if even 5 per cent volunteered, we would have 50,000 additional resource to combat cowardly evil doers. You can be part of a solution and like and share this. Or part of the problem and ignore it. I am happy to carry the flag. Anyone care to support this. I am not asking for civvies to do this, we can do it (ex military), we simply need support. Do remember next time it could be you or a close relative unarmed in a restaurant with young children and no way of protecting yourself. Think about it?????

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