Allow British people access to less than lethal self defence items.

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In recent years violent crime has been on the increase in the UK, with the average violent crime rate increasing around 14%year on year. Knife crime is rising even more rapidly with a 21% increase in the 12 months between September 2016 and September 2017 and gun crime has risen by 20% in the same period.

These rises may be put down to gang violence by most people however with an increase In Domestic burglary of around 32% stalking and harrassment at 36% and personal robbery (muggings) at 29% we can see that law abiding citizens are also on the receiving end of the problem. 

Now statutory law insists that we as citizens are responsible for our own safety, and with police budgets being cut across the country we have even less protection than in years previous. 

On top of this we saw many people people die in the recent terror attacks in London and Manchester many of which could have possibly been prevented by the public being able to defend themselves adequately. Not to mention that we currently have over 2000 Brits on the street that are known to have traveled to Syria to train and fight for Isis making further terror attacks unfortunately extremely likely.

It is my opinion that it is a natural right for a person to be able to defend themselves, there family and innocent people when needed. The government on the other hand though it a good idea to disarm us as a nation.

We have tried it your way and are now paying the consequences of redundant and draconian legislation.

I propose that the law is changed so that we the British people are allowed the tools to defend ourselves in a more effective manner. I propose that legislation be redacted that serves to prevent the public from owning less than lethal self defence articles.

I hope that specific items be removed from the banned weapons list also. Items to be included would be cs spray/ pepper spray and tazers or stun guns I propose these items specifically as they have proven effective self defence tools by our police force as well as many citeznships throughout the world, the nature of these tools is to incapacitate and attacker with causing unnecessary long term health affects or problems, I also propose that extendable batons and kubatons be considered also. 

I do also propose that these weapons be held on a licence with criteria somewhat similar to obtaining an SGC for example.

I do not believe that these items will allow violent crime to grow but in fact lower the number of violent and sexual attacks throughout the UK.

Something needs to be done about these problems and quite frankly I see very little being done from the politicians and what is done time and time again proves to be ineffective and makes the problem worse.

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