Get CoVID Vaccines to Nepal ASAP and prevent a humanitarian disaster

Get CoVID Vaccines to Nepal ASAP and prevent a humanitarian disaster

May 5, 2021
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US Embassy, Nepal Ambassador Randy Berry and 1 other
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Started by CoVID Alliance For Nepal

Dear Ambassador Berry,

We approach you as a group of Nepali nationals and US Citizens who share a deep appreciation for the special relationship shared between our two nations. We are certain that you must share our deep distress and concern over the recent rapid and deadly escalation of COVID-19 cases in Nepal. The heroic efforts of so many medical and frontline workers are inspiring, but Nepal is dangerously under-equipped to handle the crisis. The loss of life and economic devastation that are predicted over the coming weeks and months are of a scale that is difficult to imagine. 

Nepal now has among the highest viral reproduction rates in the world. In some regions as many as 90% of tests are returning positive. The Health Ministry has predicted that by July 15  new case numbers could reach 800,000 people - resulting in ten critically ill patients for each available ICU bed. Hospitals are already overwhelmed and soon patients will start dying for lack of basic resources such as oxygen. Nepal is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis.

We are writing because the United States has the means to dramatically reduce the loss of life and suffering that awaits Nepal in the coming weeks and months. The recent announcement of $8.5 million in funding for PPE and other equipment is welcome, however, this alone is unlikely to head off this crisis. Nepal urgently needs COVID vaccines in order to make a meaningful impact. With only 4% of the population having received at least one dose and with India deep in crisis, it is unlikely that Nepal will receive more vaccines from what was previously its primary source. We therefore request that the United States government immediately release at least 12 million doses of vaccine to the Government of Nepal to assist it in protecting the population. America’s timely action will save hundreds of thousands of people from unnecessary suffering and death, and reduce the long term impacts of poverty and lost development. 

Our two nations have shared a long history of mutual cooperation in public health that goes back over half a century. By ensuring a timely delivery of vaccines for Nepal you will be adding an important chapter to that history.   

Yours sincerely,

Asha Magrati, Writer/Actor, New York

Ashutosh Tiwari, Founder, SAFAL Partners

Bhekh Bahadur Thapa, Former Ambassador of Nepal to the United States

Carroll Dunham, Founder, Wild Earth, LLC

Charles Gay, Peace Corps Nepal 1969-70

Conrad Anker, Climber

Deepak Rauniyar, Writer/Filmmaker, New York

Dr David Schlim, Past President, International Society of Travel Medicine

Dr. Peter Hackett, Former Medical Director, Himalayan Rescue Association

Dr. Alexander Avramov, Associate Researcher, Emory University

Dr. Arjun Karki , Pulmonologist, Founding Vice Chancellor, Patan Academy of Health Sciences

Dr. Arjun Karki, Former Ambassador of Nepal to the United States

Dr. Arnico Panday, CEO, Ullens Education Foundation

Dr. Barbara Butterworth, Educator

Dr. Bhagwan Koirala, Professor, Cardiac Surgeon and Social Worker 

Dr. Dhiraj Gurung , Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (Recipient of Kirti Maya Rastradeep award for management of Covid in Karnali region)

Dr. Digbijay Mahat, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Dr. Lhamo Y Sherpa, SR Research Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor, IPAS Nepal

Dr. Rita Thapa (Public Health), Public Health Physician

Dr. Rohit Ranjitkar, Country Director, Kathmandu Valley Preservation

Dr. Sabin Ninglekhu, Researcher

Dr. Sameer Dixit, Director of Research, The Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal

Dr. Sanduk Ruit,  Founder, Tilganga Eye Hospital

Indra Bahadur Gurung, Chairperson, Nepal Indigenous Nationalities, President World League for Freedom and Democracy, Nepal Chapter

J. Gabriel Campbell, Ph.D, Retired Director General of ICIMOD

James M. Tielsch, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Global Health, George Washington University

Joanne Katz, Sc.D, Professor, Global Disease and Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Kabita Rai, Activist

Kai Bird, Pulitzer-Prize winning Author

Kanak Dixit, Writer and Editor 

Kesang Tseten, Filmmaker 

Kul Chandra Gautam, Former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN, Former Deputy ED of UNICEF

Kunda Dixit, Editor, Nepali Times 

Lynn Bennett, Ph.D. MBE, Retired Lead Anthropologist, World Bank Nepal

Maggie Doyne, CEO, BlinkNow Foundation

Manisha Koirala, Actress and Social Activist

Meghan Tierney Nalbo, Director, Asia Foundation

Mike Gill, Administrator

Mohna Ansari, Former Commissioner and Spokesperson, National Human Rights Commission Nepal

Pamela Ross, U. of Wisconsin College Year in Nepal, 1990-2000

Parul Christian, DrPH, MSc, Professor, Director & Associate Chair, Johns Hopkins University

Pradip Pariyar, Executive Chairperson, Samata Foundation 

Pranika Koyu, Human rights activist, writer

Prof. Eri Saikawa, Associate Professor, Emory University

Ramyata Limbu , Filmmaker, KIMFF director 

Renan Ozturk, Climber

Rita Baramu, Activist

Ruma Rajbhandari, Assistant Professor Of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Rushil Shakya, Technologist, Educator

Sapana Sanjeevani, Activist

Sarita Pariyar, Writer/Activist 

Shankar Sharma, Former Ambassador of Nepal to the United States

Shripa Pradhan, Activist

Shubha Kayastha, Body & Data

Steve LeClerq, Nepal Country Director, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department

Sujeev Shakya, CEO, Beed Management & Chairman, Nepal Economic Forum

Sumnima Udas, Founder, Lumbini Museum Initiative; Former CNN International Correspondent

Swarnim Wagle, Chair, Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS); former Vice-Chair, National Planning Commission, Nepal

Tom Kelly, Photographer

Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, Filmmaker 

Yozana Magar, Activist

On Behalf Of The CoVID Alliance For Nepal

Alisha Singh, Business Development Manager

Ben Ayers, National Geographic Explorer

Garima Khakurel, Software Engineer Associate; US Embassy Youth Council Nepal Member 2018-19

Ishan Adhikari, MD MS-HCM, Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurophysiology: Epilepsy, Neuromuscular and Autonomic Disorders, Founder: Nepali League Against Epilepsy (NLAE) Chairman: Global Nepali Health & Research Center (GNHRC)

Janak Raj Sapkota , Journalist

Kabin Maleku, Pharmacist

Kabita Parajuli, Lawyer

Kashish Das Shrestha, National Geographic Explorer

Luna Ranjit, Writer, Researcher

Mamta Gurung Nyangmi , Strategy and Development Consultant

Monika Shrestha, Co-Founder and Consultant at Higher Ground Nepal Pvt Ltd

Nicole Thakuri Wick, CEO NAG

Prabhat Adhikari, MD, Infectious Diseases & Critical Care specialist 

Raj Gyawali, Founder - socialtours

Ramu Kharel, MD, MPH (Emergency Medicine Specialist)

Sakar Pudasaini, Founder, Karkhana

Subina Shrestha, Filmmaker/ Journalist

Sumana Shrestha, Founder, Kosi Collaborative

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Signatures: 43,378Next Goal: 50,000
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