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The unnecessary and outrageous cruelty of "Live Sushi" in Japan should be stopped. Please watch this video and then sign this petition and post it widely asking the Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. to ban this "delicacy." If you are outside of the U.S. please sign this as well as send it to the Ambassador of Japan to your country. Thank you.

Letter to
Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae
Today I learned of the barbaric practice taking place in restaurants in Japan. A practice called "Live Sushi," a 'delicacy' that involves eating frogs while they are still alive and fully conscious.

The lower half of their body is severed, skinned and they are served on a plate, with eyes blinking and body twitching and twisting, while they are slowly eaten alive. This barbaric, vulgar and unnecessarily cruel practice is truly a shame on the Japanese people. So we, signers of this petition from around the world ask respectfully that you ban this practice in Japan.

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