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Remove the $79/year charge for Amazon Mom and restore the original program

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Starting on January 24, 2012 the maximum discount available for Amazon Mom members will be 20% (5% for subscribe & save and 15% for Amazon Mom). In addition to that, all members will have to sign up for Amazon Prime at $79/year in order to even receive the 20% off.

Times are very rough, unemployment is high, money is getting harder and harder to come by. This discount is the only way some people can afford to buy the necessities they need for their children, I know it certainly helped my budget. Not to mention all the moms out there without easy access to transportation, or who may be handicapped, who used this program to have necessities delivered right to their door. It was a great program until all the "changes" were rolled out.

First members were offered 30% off total, free Prime membership for a year, and other various perks such as getting to rent a Kindle book per month for free.  Then the program was changed to 20% off total, and if you had to change the size of a diaper, you lost your grandfathered discount.  Finally, the program as it was seems to be ending completely.  New members are blocked from joining, and once your free trial expires, you must pay $79/year to use Amazon Mom while still only getting a 20% discount.  Now users are reporting that Amazon has blocked them from ordering extra shipments of diapers now so that they won't run out before the free program ends.  That is extremely dishonest.

Considering that had a profit of over 15 billion dollars last year, misleading customers, alienating them, and then refusing to honor their program is not a very warranted or smart practice.

If one woman can start a petition and get Bank of America to remove it's fees, or Verizon to remove it's billing fee, then imagine what we can do if we ask CEO Jeff Bezos to remove the charge for Amazon Mom and give us back the original discount. Please help me tell Jeff that what his company is doing is wrong, and we aren't going to support it!

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