To Amazon, and all Streaming Services to stop promoting Pedophilia as a "Mental Disorder".

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This documentary called "I, Pedophile" is currently free to watch on Amazon Prime, susceptible to all ages.  This depicts normalizing of a well-feared societal travesty by insinuating that people demonize a class of adults by claiming, "being a pedophile is a disease."  Thus, promoting, or even supporting, "it's okay to be attracted to children, so long as they do nothing to the children".

This should not be promoted, it should not be endorsed. Most would agree that it's in every parent's best interest to keep their children safe, period. This also inclines that perhaps "there is no age on love" or that "it being a disease, it is more acceptable to society. Possibly treatable like sociopaths, serial killers and the like; invoking the attempt to normalize our worst fears."

I firmly believe this should be removed from ALL Streaming Services/Platforms, starting with Amazon Prime Video as it is currently free, so anyone at all can feel like it is a normal thing.  There's no condoning against the very small percentage of people in general, but to declare it a "disease", in my opinion, is inconclusive to be so openly available to the masses, including our children themselves with free Amazon Prime Video.  It should be removed, and it surely shouldn't be free to access. Even just 10 minutes unattended, a child or teen could think it's okay, leaving them further susceptible, if ever in a confrontation. 

Please sign the petition if you are inclined to agree with the general consensus I believe to be unanimous. It is not, will not and never was okay to be deemed treatable as a disease. This is a real threat and this documentary and promoting, indeed, promotes that it's okay; also known as normalizing.

We wouldn't normalize rape, stealing, murder or any other harmful or offensive action against fellow humankind. Thank you for your consideration, may we all stay safe and learn from this current dilemma that it's clearly easy to pass the message in a neutral-positive way; such a scary, surreal and historical misfortune such as pedophilia which quoted as most DO go after children but not always, and come out even later in their life after covering it up 10 years after marriage.

Now for the official wording from the Directors and Publicists of the Film, quoted from the documentary IMDB site itself on the documentary "I, Pedophile":

"Pedophiles have long been the most demonized people in society, but new research is showing that understanding them is the first step in lowering instances of child sexual abuse. Meet the men born attracted to the impossible, and the maverick doctors who dare advocate on their behalf."

Quoting the actual article on the documentary from the official CBC website, "

Pedophiles are not child molesters. 

Just because someone has a sexual interest in children does not mean they’re going to act on their attraction. Dr. James Cantor (PhD), the world’s leading pedophile expert, has reason to believe that the great majority of pedophiles may never offend against children, and choose to keep their attractions a secret.

While pedophilia refers to the sexual attraction to children, child molester is the term applied to people who act on their attraction. In fact, according to Dr. Cantor, many child molesters are not actually pedophiles, but are people seeking opportunistic sexual gratification from children who they find accessible.

Just because someone is a pedophile, doesn't mean they're a bad person.

The biggest online support group for pedophiles is called Virtuous Pedophiles. Run by self-identified pedophiles Ethan Edwards and Nick Devin (both pseudonyms), the site is devoted to providing social support and resources to pedophiles who swear to live celibate, non-offending lives.

Social stigma forces many pedophiles to keep their attraction to children a secret from everyone they know, so anonymous interactions with other pedophiles online can make all the difference to those who need a sense of community with people undergoing similar experiences. Dr. James Cantor says that sites like Virtuous Pedophiles play a big role in reducing the instances of child molestation providing support to people who can’t seek help through traditional means for fear of being demonized— and reported to the police.

Pedophiles are not attracted to all children.

Like heterosexuals, research suggests that pedophiles are either attracted to females or males, but not usually both. Pedophiles also differ in what age ranges they find attractive. In the documentary I. Pedophile, we meet two men who describe the specific parameters of their attraction. As a teenager, Bob discovered that he was attracted exclusively to boys ages 7-11. Throughout his life, he has found that this “age of attraction” has never changed. Another subject, Edward, admits his attraction to girls as young as four.

Not all pedophiles are only attracted to kids.

Although the majority of pedophiles are exclusively attracted to children, many are fortunate to have some attraction to men or women their own age. This is why many pedophiles are able to get married, have healthy sex lives, bear children, and even deny the reality of their attraction to children far into their adult lives.

Ethan Edwards, the co-founder of Virtuous Pedophiles, claims that he didn’t understand the true nature of his attractions until his mid-50s. By this time, he had been married for ten years and fathered two children.

Even when pedophiles do find adult partners to have a relationship with, they often are more strongly attracted to children than adults, and for obvious reasons. Confiding this attraction to a loved one or trusted partner can be terrifying experience.

For the full story, watch I,Pedophile on CBC's Firsthand."

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