Tell Amazon's Jeff Bezos to implement an algorithm that identifies copyright infringement.

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Artists and photographers are witnessing their work appearing on merchandise and sold by Amazon. Amazon claims it's third party and is not responsible. Amazon makes the process to report stolen property excessive and complicated. Amazon allows retailers to continue stealing after a short suspension if any punishment at all is handed down.

Once an artist files a complaint and proves his/her work has been stolen, the image should be catalogued with an algorithm in place to prevent future unauthorized use. If Youtube can shut down and remove the audio in a video within 4 seconds of playback, Amazon can #supportTheArts and #SupportArtists by taking this very simple measure.

Personal story
My partner, Michael Penn, has since been forced to log at least 4 hours a day patrolling Amazon for unauthorized use of his photographs.

Often times, Amazon will cut communications with him. More than often, the complaints are ignored and the products remain for sale, even noting that the merchandise is "fulfilled by Amazon."

If this was any other business or industry, this practice would be considered aiding and abetting. There is certainly profit sharing between Amazon and the 3rd Party retailer, nothing for the artist.

Amazon continues to remain exempt from any disciplinary action and the time is now for artists and creatives to stand up and say NO MORE. DO BETTER AMAZON.

Implement an algorithm that will detect illegal and unauthorized image usage automatically, deny access to the retailers that attempt to steal intellectual property, and in a suggestion to improve your standing in the global community, compensate artists who have been affected.