Amazon: Stop selling gay “cure” books

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“Gay cures” don’t work. And moreover, they’re incredibly damaging to the victims.

Every reputable medical and mental health organization around world condemns conversion therapy. 14 states have banned the practice on minors. Meanwhile, Amazon willfully provides a platform for this practice to spread.

In July, Amazon removed some conversion therapy books from its site, but many are still available for purchase. Amazon’s decision to keep these books up is risking the lives of LGBT youth. The American Psychiatric Association found these so-called therapies lead to anxiety, depression, and self-destructive behavior. Youths who have undergone conversion therapy are more than twice as likely to attempt suicide.

Join us in asking Amazon to take decisive action by creating a clear policy to no longer allow conversion therapy books on its site.

Your voice is more important than ever. Shortly after Amazon took action in July, anti-LGBT groups and even elected officials began to pressure the company to bring them back. If Amazon folds to their pressure, it sets a dangerous precedent that LGBT rights don’t matter.