Save our show Amazon! #SaveShadowhunters

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Hi all, 

Following the cancellation of Shadowhunters, we have been working hard to save the show!

It isn't just the concept of the show that we love so much, it is the representation we get given. With over half of the main cast being POC (As well as many more in the recurring cast), Plenty of LGBTQ+ representation, including sexualities that are rarely represented on shows (bisexuality, asexuality), Strong, powerful women, and so much more, this show is absolutely amazing and so many of us look up to it.

Storylines within the show include coming out, addiction (and eventual recovery), discrimination, traumatic pasts, mental health and much more! We need this show to be saved!

After contacting Amazon earlier today, they told me there was a chance that they may consider picking up the show! They seem quite interested, and I am hoping it is a big step towards saving the show!

As a way to show them just how much we would like and appreciate them to do this, I have started this petition. Should you believe Shadowhunters deserves to be saved by Amazon, please sign the petition!

On another petition, we have over 100,000 signatures in favour of saving Shadowhunters, which is phenomenal considering it's been less than a week! I am so proud of us, and what we have achieved in such a short amount of time. If you are yet to sign that petition, please go to this link: 

For those who take the time to sign, thank you so much! Let's show Amazon just how much we would like them to save our show!

If you would like to contact Amazon yourself and speak to a member of their team, make sure to go to: 

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