Remove the book 'Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism' from your sellers list

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Remove the book 'Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism' from your sellers list

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Heather Beattie started this petition to Amazon (Amazon Complaints department)

This 'Treatment' to 'heal' Autism,  has Dangerous Health Implications for the most vulnerable of children, and has questionable evidence that it works.  It promotes the use of 'Chlorine Dioxide' to be digested by children.  Chlorine Dioxide is described by many lab technicians  as being the same formula as 'Bleach', The solution recommended has never been approved medically for this purpose, and has never had any trials to approve its safety. 

Chlorine Dioxide is not meant to be inside the human body.  The same solution, also described as MMS, claimed to 'cure' Maleria in 1996, and was proved to be untrue, and many other 'cure all' claims, have been given since.  Autism appears to be the latest 'money making' scheme. This solution has been banned for sales and use in many countries across the world.

We need the book removed, so that future sales can't be made this way, and future children can be protected.  We need your help, and hopefully, with pressure, Amazon will stop selling it.  Don't be fooled by the positive comments on the book.  They are parents who have been fooled by this method.

This treatment has short term side effects of sickness, diarrhea,
fevers, lip swelling, rashes, hair loss and behavioral issues, and can
also lead to psychological issues.

Long term administration of this treatment may lead to respiratory
problems. After Heart disease, Cancer and much more. (1)

*Chlorine dioxide, basically MMS (mineral miracle solution), which have
warnings by the FDA (2)
This treatment is seen as the most dangerous of the lot (3)*

Chlorine Dioxide is banned for sales in the UK (4)

Parents are encouraged to dose this chlorine dioxide (MMS) by drinking,
bathing in, and giving daily enemas. Frequent enema's with tap water
alone, can develop health problems, and can also lead to long term
psychological issues (5) (6)

Started by Jim Humble,(7) MMS was primarily used to fool the sick and
desperate into being cured by this solution. He runs a group called The
Genesis Church (8),

One of Humble's followers, Kerri Rivera has written a book (9)*** In
the book,
it claiming that they now can 'heal autism, and started a website (10).
Promotion of this method is rife on Facebook.

**Most of the English speaking members are directed to a group called
'CD Autism' (11) and a group called CD Health(12). These are heavily
monitored Facebook groups, which now, mainly, only post positive
results. *Not only are parents encouraged to get their children drink,
bathe and have an enema in this solution. In addition, they are also
encouraged to give their child a strict GFCF(13) diet and use anti
parasite medication (14) (you can purchase from online pharmacies). The
theory is that frequent usage clears the body of parasites, therefore
healing the body. Pictures of stool samples are abundant in these
groups. After several doses of this solution in the form of enemas
'worm like' substances are produced, which is basically colon mucosa,but parents are persuaded it is worms or "the evil parasites". (16)
Many parents have had these
samples analysed, which prove to be simple mucosa, but parents are
convinced from fellow members that labs haven't got the right testing
equipment / or are liars.  The 'what we would call' trickery here is quite straight forward. These parents don't know too
much about autism. They see horror stories of autism and are convinced
their kids won't progress. They are encouraged to give their child
intervention, and also follow the strict GFCF diet (13). Now, these are
methods that often do work in helping the child, with communication and
behavioral issues. Parents following this protocol are asked to monitor
their child's progress with a scale called 'The Atec Scale' (15) This
is a very simplistic, online guide, in no way a diagnostic scale, and
doesn't promote itself as one. Now, both therapy and diet can change
these scores alone. Optimistic parents eagerly retest their children
months after, and any progress is made, is praised on the protocol.
What these parents don't realise also, is that children can progress
naturally a lot during the first 5 years (where cdautism admit they have the most success with). So parents think that the healing is
working, when really, the children are just progressing. and would do
just as well in a controlled group, which has never been done.

The 140 healed children. We NEVER see these
children. You tube is rife with 'testimonials' of "parents", often with
blanked out faces  (17)

This, *quackery*, has been front page news in Ireland, and the public
advised to avoid it. (18) (19)

*It is in the UK, despite being banned. MMS was highlighted on 'The One
Show' recently (20) and on TV3 Ireland AM (21)










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This petition had 5,778 supporters