Amazon Prime HD & FULL HD Issue In Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Amazon Prime HD & FULL HD Issue In Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

3 May 2020
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Started by Nirav Patel

Hey Dear Xiaomi Redmi & Amazon Prime Video India

It's been MoreThan 6 Months(Estimate) Today That Xiaomi Redmi Launched Redmi Note 8 & Note 8 Pro with an Exceptional Hardware with Great Build Quality at an Affordable Price. We all love that phone and many hardcore Xiaomi users like us bought it and using it since The launch.

As Xiaomi Redmi Says That This Device Come With WidevineL1 Google Certification Support Which Means That 3rd party video provider Like Netflix , Amzon Prime.User's Who Has There Subscription Can Stream And Download Video On There Device In HD(720p) & FULL HD(1080p) Resolution.(Excluding Netflix Where User Have To Purchase Higher Pack To Stream And Download In HD & FULL HD Resoltuion).

Since The Device I Boght In November 2019 And The Device Is launched we all the user's of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Are Facing The Issue Of Can't Stream And Download Video's From 3rd Party Service Provider Like Netflix And Amazon Prime In HD(720p) & FULL HD(1080p) Resolution.

Many User's Like Me And Other's Have Complain About This issue To Xiaomi Redmi And Amazon Prime.And Many User's Are Reported On Xiaomi Redmi Forum At  .Some People Describe The Issue Since 25.11.2019. 

And After Describing The Issue On There Forum On Post Of Issue The Moderator's Are Saying That "Hey You Wont Able To View And I HD As Govement had requsted the streaming partner to remove HD untill the lockdown peroid continue.(As Per Current Situation Of Lockdown COVID-19).Amazon prime needs to whitelist the device for FHD Streaming the same has been whitelisted by Netflix."(in latest update of MIUI

So Now After Reading Above Message Of Mod. I Contact With Amzon Prime Video Via Mail And Explain My Issue With Proof And From There Side The Reply Was This "
First of all, from the previous E-mail correspondence I could see that the best streaming quality provided by your phone is 0.46gb/hr which means that the phone is of DRM Security level 3."(As Per My Given Proof Of Screen Shot Of App Yes That Exactly What Quality We The User of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Is Getting In Amazon Prime Video App)

And Now Coming To Widevine L1 "Coming to the Wide Wine Certification, Redmi proudly how is it possible that the Redmi Note 8 Pro doesn’t come with Widevine L1 support. Technically that seems to be correct as per the advertisements but we checked the inside of it and found something against the advertisements."

"Redmi's Widevine L1 does not work due to a glitched up Wide vine implementation. Redmi Note 8 Pro packs Widevine L1 support but a software glitch seems to have rendered the certification useless. Both Netflix and Prime Video don’t show the “HD label” next to movies or TV shows. And well, if you needed more confirmation, the ‘Playback Specification’ option within the Netflix app says that the device has “Widevine L3” certification and the maximum playback resolution is “SD” (standard quality)." (Note That The Netflix issue has been resolve in the latest update of MIUI11.0.2.0 And Now There's A Full HD Video Support On It)

Regarding The Screen Shot I Submiteed Of DRM Info App"We could check from the previous correspondences that you have checked the DRM options already, we would further ask you to check the security level information. If it shows anything other than L1, then the phone will not be able to support HD playback."

And Main And Final Thing They Said That In Response To Message Of Mod Saying Amazon Prime Need To Whitelist The Device "Coming to the white-listing of the device, the initiative can be only done once the phone manufacturer clearly states to us that the phone does not support HD playback. In the case of Redmi, they have marketed the phone as such that it supports HD playback. We are not sure whether they are working on it or not since there were rumors that Redmi will fix the issue with the Android update 10. But even after the update if the issue is still being there, you will have ask Redmi to have the device white-listed. Once we have a confirmation that the phone will not be able to support WWL1, we will definitely white-list the device. Since there is no confirmation we are still not able to figure out whether they are working on it or not."

Above Message Clearly Says That Xiaomi Not Confirming The Amazon Prime For HD Support Device And If They (Xiaomi) Confirm & FIx The Glitch Of WideVineL1 Amazon Prime Will Be Whitelist The Device Without Any Issue.

And yes There is not only phone have this issue there's alot of user's who have the issue of it and(Describe the issue to MI COMMUNITY FORUM & ALSO AT FEEDBACK APP) not getting the solution of it since the date of launch Or they have purchased the device for their use.

I want you all to sign this petition and share its link on every social media or private groups, And the people you know that they have this device and having this our voices reach the developers of Xiaomi Redmi and their heads.

I am signing this petition after xiaomi Redmi didn't responded & solved the issue of it which we all have did through the MI COMMUNITY FORUM, Tweets, Mails's& Social Media Personal DM's.

Now We All The User's Of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Have Fully Paid For The Device For Our Use And To  Access The VIdeo Content On 3rd Party Site Like Amazon Prime And Netflix We Also Pay Them A Monthly Or Annual Amount To Them To Have The Access To Video's Of There Streaming Plateform.Now It's Our Right That For Whatever We Have Paid To Manufacture Or Service Provider Or Both we Have Full Right To Access The Content At The Best Of It Quality.

And In This Case We The User's Of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Device Have Faced The Issue Of It For Morethan 5 To 6 Months(Estimate). And Now Waiting And Patince Of US Is Over So They Have To Fix The Issue At Any Cost Within The Next 21 Days. (Till 25.05.2020)

Thanks For Your Support



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