Lost Ark Australia/NZ Server

Lost Ark Australia/NZ Server

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Charles Crowley started this petition to Amazon and

Time to take us seriously, Amazon.

We want to play the game as the developers intended it to be played. We need reasonable time to react in PvE. We need an equal opportunity to respond to a bosses' choreographed attacks and AoEs. We would like to be able to queue multiple consecutive inputs, and for them to register properly.

Many of us have found some success in PvP with 150-350ms latency; pushing a boulder up a mountain. However, you are fundamentally hamstrung and Lost Ark; the #2 game in Korea right now, is set to be an Esport. With all other variables being equal; skill, gear, power level, game knowledge etc, a player with lower ping will win more often.

Timing, juking, predicting, reacting, bluffing, double bluffing, out maneuvering and out performing, require low latency.

In CS:GO we saw a fiery twitter exchange between Optic Gaming and ATL FaZe. Optic had to play on a disadvantageous server, even though the server selection error was not their fault. Optic played on 33ms compared to FaZe's 11ms, and FaZe stomped them 3:0.

While other factors probably contributed to the loss, the 22ms difference was enough to make quite a splash. If 22ms can cause such problems in a competitive game-type, then Oceanic - North American latency will be especially unplayable in Lost Ark PvP.

So why should an Australian dedicated server be considered?

Blizzard's WoW did it
Amazon's New World did it
Jagex's Runescape did it
Square Enix's FFXIV is doing it
Kakao's Archeage is doing it
Entrepid's Ashes of Creation is doing it

Recently, Amazon responded to an unpredictably large Australian gaming population, who were literally chomping at the bit for a local MMO experience, and are also known for having a decent amount of disposable income to spend on cosmetics.

"Amazon launch 21 additional Australian servers"
"The servers are nowhere near as bad compared to yesterday, as there is no Utopia 25k player queue anymore. In fact, Utopia is the first server to reveal the New World 25k player queue cap." - Craig Robinson link to article

Not convinced low ping is required to be competitive in Lost Ark? 3v3 Tournament Scrims

Lost Ark forum thread

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!