Transparency on Amazon India Marketplace

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We are representing sellers on Amazon India Markerplace.

We want to take this opportunity to write to you regarding amazons related companies Cloudtail India Pvt Ltd and Fronitzo Services pvt ltd (Appario Retail)

We want Amazons undertaking that the schedule of charges being levied to them are the same as any other seller and they are not getting any hidden benefits due to association with your organisation.

We have been trying to get such assurance from Amazons various teams since quite a few months as we have bee seeing above mentioned sellers selling many products at lower than minimum cost of selling which a normal seller is charged, however they are not interested to reply on this.

Our legal advisors are also telling us that their arrangement with these sellers are offences under section 3 and 4 of competition act 2002.

Cloudtail is currently the top seller on Amazon India, it has a sale of approx 6000 crores but it faced no problem that a normal seller faces. The sale of 6000 crore is due to the benefits being given by Amazon in terms of rebates and discount on fees.

Take this for example, the minimum amazon fees for any product of 500 gms is Rs. 91.50. This does not include any sales GST or Referral fees comission which is charged as a percentage on each sale by Amazon.

Still Cloudtail is able to sell products at prices lower than this as can be seen in below "best selling" product and many more products.

If given the same benefits, there is no scarcity of sellers in India who can match or better the above mentioned products pricing.

If given same support, every seller can aim to do hundreds of crores of turnover.

We want Amazon to declare if it is giving any special benefit to such sellers in their marketplace.