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Stop Seller Theft from Amazon

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My name is Liss LaFleur' and I am a documentary filmmaker and graduate student from TX. I recently sold all of my camera gear using to be able to upgrade for my thesis film. As a credible seller I have sold my laptop, a lens, various books, and other memorabilia and most recently my Canon 5 D Mark II body and telephoto lens kit. This kit was purchased for $2389.99, I packaged it in its original box placed inside of another box purchased at USPS and sent priority with delivery confirmation and insurance for an additional $40.00. This package weighed 7 lbs. This was sent to a PO Box in Puerto Rico where the buyer picked up the package in person, took it to his work, then claimed later that the box was empty—left with only paper (but still weighing 7 lbs). I contacted USPS and Amazon immediately to tell them that I suspected a scam. Amazon refused to recognize this or even look into the situation, telling me that I needed to “issue a refund” to make the buyer happy. When I refused the buyer then filed an A-Z claim against me with Amazon based solely on his word with no evidence. Amazon claimed that they would “investigate” this case, however they refused to listen to what I had to say or look at my original receipts and information. I told Amazon that I sent these items as described, and had witnesses with me when packing and shipping, and if they were removed in transit that the buyer needed to file an insurance claim since I purchased insurance for the full amount. I cannot account for what happens in transit, nor can I account for what happens AFTER the buyer removes the box from the post office. Instead Amazon removed his original funds from my account without my permission, and refused to acknowledge this conflict any further. I am now without equipment and without the necessary $2400 to purchase new equipment and Amazon just expects me to accept that. I know that there are many others out there who have been cheated of what was rightfully theirs or owed to them. This biased vision toward the buyer is irresponsible and unfair and should not be allowed. As a business practice, what is the point of having feedback and credentials with Amazon as a seller? When situations arise like this they are irrelevant and we are discredited! This is THEFT and needs to be confronted by every single person who uses Amazon. I will not stop until this system is revised and I receive what is rightfully mine, either the kit in excellent condition as originally shipped or the $2400 from Amazon. Furthermore, Amazon needs to thoroughly investigate buyer disputes and have seller reimbursement with A-Z Claim fulfillment.

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