Amazon FBA shipping from china to USA

Amazon FBA shipping from china to USA

11 September 2020
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Started by Anonymous Groot

With the world becoming a global village, more and more companies have been going global. There are hundreds and thousands of small businesses in the world which are selling their products to vendors on a global scale. As a seller, their prime concern has been the shipping of these products to the vendors at the right time and in the adorable costs. While Amazon has been a marketplace that has to provide local sellers access to selling their projects to global vendors, the Amazon FBA has taken its services to one step further by providing storage and labeling services to the local merchandise. Shipping from China to FBA has been provided to the local and global sellers by Freight China. Being a freight forwarder from China to FBA, China Freight had been offering affordable and safe shipping to the Amazon FBA.

How shipping from China to FBA happens
No matter how many suppliers you have, the cargo of the company in China will be picked up by China Freight on the given day from all the suppliers. The company will be carrying out a thorough inspection of the cargo for safety purposes. From the unit pieces to the entire external inspection, the cargo will only be liable for shipping to FBA if it passes the inspection.

The preparation and labeling will be carried out intent step by China Freight which has emerged as a leading freight forwarder from China to FBA. The company will be ensuring that the labeling and prepping is done on every piece in accordance with Amazon FBA guidelines. The provision of FNSKU Labeling for the shipping will allow the clients to get the FNSKU labeling done on every piece of their package as well as the master carton labels. The warning labels or Made in China stickers will also be pasted on the package and individual items. The company also provides bundling of products services for packaging. The company wants to make sure that your products are valued well and you get the due credit for the efforts you put in for making them.

The experienced team provides the bagging services in the FBA-approved polybag. The main aim is to ensure that the products are safe and sound while they’re shipped to Amazon FBA. China Freight makes sure that all your stock reaches FBA without any damage to any item. The customized packaging is also an option that is provided by the company. The instructions manual can be added to the products if requested by the seller, which will be a part of the marketing materials.

The main aim is to ensure the quality and safety of the products. Once this process is done effectively, the company will effectively make sure that your cargo is sent to the Amazon FBA using the air or sea freight which will be decided based upon your needs.

The safety, affordability, and timeliness have been the major concern of the company when it comes to shipping from China to Amazon FBA. Especially the FBA from China to the US. The specialist of the company will be ensuring transparency and consistency to make sure that your supply chain runs smoothly and seamlessly.

The highlights of the shipping to FBA
China Freight has been offering its help to small and start-up FBA businesses. The main aim has been to allow these businesses to thrive and set their foot in the corporate world without any fear. The company has been offering free printing and label placement for up to 30 items for the startups to aid them in setting their business up.

You can avail of the 30 days of free storage in China for your cargos before they are shipped to the FBA. The warehousing facilities are flexible for the local seller to make sure that they can easily get their products shipped at the right time for their clients without putting huge burned on their pockets. The company will be carrying out the Carton Inspection free of cost. This will include the general inspection services, including exterior carton checks, as requested by the sellers.

The costs and the timing
The main concern for most of the local sellers in China has been the cost which they will have to pay for the companies who their products to the FBA.

If you’re looking for air freight, you will have 3 options to choose from based on your cargo size and your budget. You can Economical Air Freight where affordability is the key, but it will 7-10 business days to get your products delivered. The savings are maximized, however, the time might be flexible for the delivery of the products to FBA. For a Standard Air Freight, you will be offered a premium service which will take Transit time 3 to 5 business days, but will be at an Affordable rate while the delivery time will be sharp. Urgent Air Freight is the one that you might opt for if you are in a hurry to get your business started at Amazon FBA. No matter how large or small your cargo is, it will be delivered in an urgent Transit time of 1 to 3 business days and will be delivered right on time. The sea freight might take 10-50 days based on the journey and the size of the cargo.

Since China Freight has been working in close collaborations with  DHL, UPS, and FedEx in China, we will make sure that your products reach the FBA as well as your clients right on time and in the condition that you packed them. The main aim has been to sustain quality at affordable prices and in the least time. 

As the freight forwarder for shipping from China to USA, China Freight also has been trying to make life and businesses easy for the business in China. As a heads-up, the free services offered by the company will allow the small business seller to go a long way in the future and become successful while being global.


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