Shut down

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We all know animal abuse is wrong, we all know equality is important, we all know that Terms and Conditions are there for a reason...

So why does the streaming platform continue to ignore these basic facts?

Recently in the news we have seen popular streamer Alinity abusing her animals and letting slip racial slurs without even a single repercussion on her account, in fact she has a perfect record regardless of how many times she slips up or breaks the Terms and Conditions of This needs to stop

Next we see a rise in petitions and reports against Alinity... and instead of investigating... they ban the people reporting her! Mass banning other streamers for reporting her? This needs to stop

Next we see male streamers being banned for the smallest things, an example being when a male streamer showed his pet goldfish to the camera, and it flopped out of his hand... banned him for an accident out of his control! This needs to stop

We have all seen the rise in immunity that popular female streamers have, while male streamers get banned for the smallest of things, even sometimes for no good reason.

And finally we have the Ninja issue, Ninja deactivates his account, and decide to use it to try and promote other streamers? That alone is bad enough, but then.. number one suggested stream on Ninja's page was a porn stream, full nudity, 14k viewers porn stream, and the rumors (if true are even worse) are that did this to try and discredit and damage the reputation of Ninja after he left to stream on Mixer. has continued to break its own EULA and Terms and Conditions, they have continued to ignore animal abuse on their platform, they have continued to ignore equal rights on their streaming platform.

This needs to stop, can not continue! Please investigate this and shut them down!