Shut down and clean Amazon facilities that test positive for COVID-19 ABE4

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Amazon is not effectively communicating with ALL employees during this global pandemic. Multiple Amazon locations have had confirmed cases of Covid-19, yet Amazon still expects associates to risk both their and their families safety by continuing to come into work to ship NON-ESSENTIAL items.

Here at Amazon ABE4 Easton PA our site did not even formally announce its first confirmed case of Covid-19. There was only one announcement made on ONE shift. No phone call was made to notify the entire building for the first confirmed case, same goes for the second confirmed case.

This information is something that needs to be communicated with every single person in the building, not just a select shift! Amazon claims to be in contact with those who they believe may have been potentially exposed to this deadly virus, but how can they be 100% sure they contact everyone that even risked potential exposure.

Speaking for ABE4 specifically, social distancing is almost impossible. We know Amazon is trying to take precautions when it comes to slowing the spread of Covid-19, but the fact of the matter is we work with over 200+ PER SHIFT. We feel that Amazon should follow suit with NYC and Kentucky by shutting down temporarily. Closing the building for a deep clean during this uncertain time would aid in two things.

1.) Allowing all employees to stay home WITH pay for a quarantine period, this would help slow the spread of Covid-19 and keep us and our families safe. Pennsylvania’s number of Covid-19 cases are growing everyday, so exponentially that our Government is concerned that more people are going to die if we don’t follow these stay at home orders. This virus is life or death!

2.) Shutting down would also give associates a bit of peace of mind. During this time the building would be able to properly clean and disinfect. 

We as AMAZONIANS need to stick together and voice up as a group. Please help protect us Amazon associates by allowing our facilities time to properly clean/disinfect. Any facility that has any number of positive COVID-19 cases should be subject to the same aid. We shouldn’t have to decide whether money is more important than our health and safety! We need to stand together to stop the spread!