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Provide an OS upgrade for the original Kindle Fire.

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This petition is to convey our current disappointment with the lack of software updates, lack of information about potential updates and desire for an OS upgrade for the original Kindle Fire.

Each of us purchased a Kindle Fire and therefore became part of the Amazon ecosystem. We did so because we are regular consumers of Amazon products and the Kindle Fire promised to be a long-term and convenient gateway for Amazon’s music, videos, books and physical goods. The tablet market is saturated with products, but we chose to purchase Amazon’s Kindle Fire as an indication of our commitment to Amazon as both a hardware and content provider. As costumers we believe our commitment to Amazon should be acknowledged. We further feel that as consumers it is reasonable to expected that a level of product security and sustainability be provided.

The Kindle Fire debuted in late 2011 and less than a year later the Kindle Fire has become an outdated device. The new Kindle fire has started to ship and, as of now, original Kindle
Fire owners find themselves essentially abandoned in terms of OS software updates and declining product functional capabilities. All of this has transpired less than a year after the original Kindle Fire’s release and even before the device’s warranty has expired. We are asking for an OS upgrade for the original Kindle Fire but thus far no response has been received in response to our request and Amazon Customer Service is unable to provide details regarding potential upgrades. With such a diverse range or tablets, phones, computers, operating systems and consumer content ecosystems becoming available, it would be highly disturbing if Amazon adopted a business model of abandoning those who were the earliest supporters of its products.

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