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Please ban the Nooski rodent trap, and all inhumane rodent traps.

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AMAZON: Stop Selling Cruelty

Each year millions of registered users purchase goods from online retailer, an online merchant with a large spectrum of goods, from electronics to food, and beyond.  Amazon also allows other businesses to use their sales architecture and to be indexed in searches for goods directly from the website. 

Today Amazon is selling pest control products that inflict severe, cruel trauma to animals before their death.  One such device is the Nooski Mouse Trap.  This device releases an elastic band onto the animal that enters the trap, aiming to strangle and suffocate the rodent to death.  

The animal is suffocated while it is conscious.  Often, the band also catches limbs in its grasp and breaks bones in this process causing the conscious rodent to endure the pain of being crushed as well as being suffocated. Imagine trying feverishly to remove a band that has suddenly been wrapped around your neck and is preventing you from breathing.

It appears this product is designed for a “less messy” disposal of the rodent or, in other words, it’s designed only for human convenience.  While all traps that kill pests are inherently dangerous and painful, this one is severe in its cruelty. 

A simple search on for this device will produce several instances of this torture.

This product inflicts unnecessary cruelty for the sake of human vanity.  Animals feel terror and pain, and should not be tortured.  

While rodent control products are seen as valuable for disease control and for controlling various human health concerns, certain products such as the Nooski and those like it that do not kill instantly are inhumane and cruel, and should not be sold for this very reason. 

Please take a moment to add your name to this petition to request the removal of all inhumane and cruel products from  Make a cruelty-free merchant!

 Thank you.

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