Ban attempt to sell dogs online via (unvetted) breeders.

This petition made change with 398 supporters! is launching a new "services" product selling via its ubiquitous web presence; I am fine with people finding electricians or accountants if they want via this Fortune 500 mega-company, that I will never be a customer again if they continue this role out of letting people sell live dogs online. But within the "coming soon" will be the ability for dog "breeders" anyone with a puppy really, puppy mills etc, I went through their process and saw how easy it was to be approved to "sell a service" We want to A. #BanDogsOnAmazon a not allow the perpetuation of an already epidemic over population of dogs in the US and World the results in the approximately 10,000 euthanizations of dogs per day in the US alone for no behavioral or medical reason. For every dog sold you are literally killing another perfect dog sitting in a kennel crate in horrible conditions waiting for a home. There are a multitude of reason why this is a disgusting multinational "puppy mill" that is pivoting into becoming if not stopped. Do you genuinely in your heart or hearts care about dogs if you are willing to make this trade of and participate in buying a dog site unseen online? #BanDogsOnAmazon, please sign, please email Amazon, please share via social media, please donate to help our nonprofit via "chip in" and join our free NPO meetup group: or comment and share via our FB page this before it turns worse!! Take a trip to your local shelter if you don't think this is bad and experience first hand. in the South, Midwest and some large cities like NYC dogs literally have a clock on them - 7 days to be claimed or put-down/killed. Please speak up for those that don't have a voice yet are the most loyal animals on Earth.


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