#Amazon4Amazon: Boycott Amazon.com until they protect the Amazon rainforest

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Climate scientists have long emphasized the vital role of the Amazon rainforest in absorbing CO2 emissions and hosting an incredible wealth of biodiversity. They warn that deforestation is pushing the Amazon to a tipping point that would disrupt both its ecosystem and the global climate, as rates of forest destruction have increased rapidly over the last two years. The Amazon rainforest, including the animals and indigenous people who depend on it, need a solution that ends deforestation NOW and can help reduce climate change. Enough money could preserve the rainforest, protect indigenous people, and provide viable alternatives for small farmers and ranchers. It just so happens that Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com have more than enough money to make preserving the Amazon forest a reality.

If the sharp rise in deforestation in Brazil continues, the Amazon rainforest could be lost as early as 2021. The fires of 2019 are the result of increased land clearing and unsustainable practices by big agribusiness, encouraged by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. We could stop the burning of the Amazon tomorrow by paying Brazil far more to preserve the rainforest than it can hope to gain by destroying it.

Jeff Bezos has accumulated over $111 Billion through his ownership of Amazon.com. His company made a net profit of $10 Billion just in 2018. Amazon.com and Bezos can spare some of their Billions to save the Amazon. (They’d probably never notice.)

Why should we give them any more of our money, until we know that they are going to use it to help humanity deal with this urgent threat? They chose the Amazon name, so we choose them to step up.

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