Add "Disabled Romance" to Book Retailer Categories

Add "Disabled Romance" to Book Retailer Categories

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5/16/21 Update: Hello, all!

We recently received new information from an industry insider, which we believe may be a more effective approach. Essentially, she explained that Amazon—as well as other retailers—often take their cues from the Book Industry Study Group's Book Industry Standards and Communications Codes. (Say that three times fast!)

This group is OPEN to suggestions! In fact, due to public demand, they added this category for 2021: FIC079000 FICTION / Disabilities & Special Needs

Let's use the same tactic to ensure people with disabilities are able to see themselves represented in ROMANCE. Please, join us in filling out their suggestion form:


P.S. To help make sure we’re all on the same page—and because it asks some things most of us may not know off the top of our heads—we jotted down some example information:


Katie Mettner—author of over fifty romance novels featuring characters with disabilities—has been requesting a “Disabled Romance” subcategory for nearly a decade now.

“The disabled community deserves accurate representation,” she told us, “and the ability to find their books in the same manner as everyone else.”

To put this into perspective, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform (KDP) currently allows authors to choose from the following subcategories of romance:

• General
• African American
• Collections & Anthologies
• Contemporary
• Erotica
• Fantasy
• Gay
• Historical
• Lesbian
• Military
• Multicultural & Interracial
• New Adult
• Paranormal
• Romantic Comedy
• Science Fiction
• Suspense
• Time Travel
• Western

Using keywords, the possibilities are expanded to an additional 35 subcategories, including classifications such as Romantic Themes>Secret Baby and Romance>Inspirational>Amish.

With such niche areas highlighted, you would think adding a sub-category for "Disabled Romance" would be no problem for the retail giant. After all, according to The World Bank, one billion people—or 15% of the world’s population—experience some form of disability.

Take Tracy, for example. As a fan of Mettner’s, she recently lamented her inability to find similar books on Amazon. Because she has a visual disability and uses a screen reader, it’s difficult for her to navigate the website beyond standard categories.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s support team provides the same answer to every request for change: “Currently we can't add new Categories to our browsing lists, but feel free to check back from time to time. These classifications do expand and change as our Books store grows.”

Since Amazon has provided no means for appeal or further contact, we created this petition. Maybe if we join together as readers and allies, our collective voice will be heard. Thank you for your support!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!