Stop BNI delivering Amazon Packages.

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BNI has been the bane of many an online shopper. The reviews on Yellow Pages for BNI as a company are 9/10 complains about amazon package delivery. With a 1 out of 5-star rating due to that. This petition aims to have drop BNI's contract to deliver Amazon packages.  BNI is primarily, in this market, a newspaper company. It is surmised that the 'delivery people' is in fact newspaper delivery persons. and youve all seen how they treat papers and flyers. People cant seem to get ahold of a customer care line for Brunswick News deliveries, instead of having to talk to a newspaper rep instead. 

There have been countless stories of lost, damaged, mistreated or stolen packages when the 'courier' is 'BNI' this is also compounded by the fact they don't seem to have a depot where, if they miss you, youre able to go later and pick up the package. Nor do they update tracking on packages. 

Amazon please drop 'BNI' as an option for Amazon deliveries If not at least Prime members who actually PAY YOU for a better experience.