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Ban Books Advocating the Sexual Exploitation of Women in Asia

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Currently there are several books to buy on Amazon that advocate, endorse the sexual exploitation of women in Asia.

These books are written by men of all races and ethnicities, and all claim to see women in Asia as conquests. These men all hail from Western countries. Any book which is sold and written about the solicitation and/or exploitation of women in Asia need to be banned, condemned and should be removed from Amazon and any other sites selling these type of misogynistic books. 

One such book which is currently sold on Amazon is Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male: Guaranteed to get you laid written by an American male known as thelonewolftraveller promotes not only sexual exploitation but also the continual trafficking of sex slaves, and is one of these type of books which need to be banned. 

Excerpts from his book contain extremely offensive, sexist and derogatory statements about women in Hong Kong. For example:

1. The book offers tips, strategies, where to find the girls, how to contact them, and even what to say and do in order for you to get laid in Hong Kong! 

2. Actual dialogues, conversations, and emails, and what I said to these girls in order to get dates that eventually led to sex.


Such books enforces misogynistic notions of sexual conquests but what he's doing in the book is truly exploitative of the economic condition of poor women and can lead to instances of coercion and violence. 

There have been comments and questions from some people who have hesitated to sign this petition, and using protectionist terms such as "free speech" and "censorship issues", in a bid to condone books such as this. As a global advocacy group, we are in support of free speech, but when this free speech borders on ethical and moral grounds, questions need to be asked. A book which solicits and promotes the idea that women in Asia are easy to jump into the bed with and providing strategies for other men as to how this is done, is promoting sexual exploitation in Asia which is already an issue in itself.

This further perpetuates the existence of an industry where women are trafficked and taken advantage of. This particular book exploits his audience into the idea that women in Hong Kong are easy and are open to be sexual conquests. 

The major problem of Hong Kong’s current anti-trafficking policy is, we only have the laws for the prosecution of the human trafficking offense, but the government does not have any specific legislation to provide protection or special assistance to the trafficked persons. That means, whenever a human trafficking case is reported or discovered by the authority, the police do not have any obligation to identify for any trafficked person during their operation. And what make things worse is, not only the trafficker but the trafficked persons themselves will be penalized for unlawful acts committed as a direct result of their being trafficked.  


We wish Amazon to urgently review their decision to stock any book or other product which advocates for the sexual exploitation of women in Asia and ban the author thelonewolftraveller.

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