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Amazon, Barnes and Noble, KOBO: Leave our self-published and/or Indie authors alone.

There is a LARGE amount of people who read this genre as a way to escape their reality. We are all consenting adults, you need to own a credit card to be able to purchase said books, so why all of a sudden start "cracking down" on contolling such. Why is okay to sell "adult products" on said websites but not FICTIONAL reads. What happened to freedom of speech?! LEAVE OUR EROTICA ALONE!!

**This petition is NOT condoning non-fictional beastiality, incest, pediphilia or other things of such 'extreme' nature**

Letter to
CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos
CEO of KOBO Michael Serbinis
and 1 other
Founder and executive chairman of Barnesand Noble Leonard Riggio
Leave our erotica and self-published Indie authors alone.