Amazon Should Be Ashamed! Animal Cruelty

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You know, life IS possible without ordering from Amazon.  And I'm about to prove it. 

Amazon promotes itself as a socially responsible company, but Amazon sells "do it yourself" kits for cropping dogs' ears at home!  I couldn't believe it.  I had to look it up and boy, was I wrong.  They do sell kits, or you can purchase the supplies separately (clamps, scalpels. styptic powder, liquid bandage) but THEY CERTAINLY DO NOT SELL GENERAL ANESTHETICS OR VETERINARY DIPLOMAS.

It is illegal in many states for ear cropping to be done except under anesthesia by a licensed veterinarian, and hopefully it will eventually be illegal everywhere.  Yet here is Amazon, promoting at home cropping by selling the tools to the general public! 

Amazon knows there is a problem ... they blocked comments on some of these items "due to unusual comment activity" unless you are a verified purchaser.  Yet they keep on selling to the public.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Please sign our petition.  Please contact Amazon Customer Service by chat or telephone and ask them to stop selling these items.  Please share the petition on your personal social media.  Get involved!  Thank you.