Amazon: Allow Users to Filter by Made in USA, and Require Country of Origin

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We want to buy Made in USA products. Amazon has not listened. 

The problem is simple: for those of us who use Amazon, there is no reliable way to filter products by country of origin to support local manufacturers and businesses in the United States. Whether the goal is to support local businesses and jobs, ensure the quality of our products, or to uphold ethical labor standards, we all have reasons for wanting to support our industries during these difficult times. 

Amazon has refused to listen: after reaching out to Amazon and receiving nothing but lip service, we've decided to change our approach. Amazon does not require sellers to post Country of Origin, which circumvents statutes that require imported goods to display their point of origin, and offers no mechanism to filter such products despite years of complaints.

Amazon is generating record profits, and can deliver billions to American businesses with these simple changes: Amazon accounts for half of U.S. online retail sales, it generates more profit than the top five retailers combined, and became the world's second trillion dollar company in September 2018.      By 1) requiring sellers to uniformly label Country of Origin2) creating filters to sort products according to this data, and 3) providing better disclosures regarding product origins and safety standards, Amazon can harness its financial muscle to help consumers make more informed decisions, and to support our economy.  

We sincerely hope that Amazon will consider implementing these tools in support of American businesses.  It's up to us to raise our voices in support of American industries during these uncertain times. Please sign this petition to support our initiative, and spread the word on social media via #filter4us. Thank you for your support!