Add an LGBTQIA+ Ally Tag to Twitch

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The A in LGBTQIA+ stands for asexual/aromantic, not ally, but I (and others maybe) want to show that we respect allies who want to lift us as queer individuals up, rather than take over our spaces. There are many attacks happening on social media right now in regards to allies of LGBTQIA+ individuals using the LGBTQIA+ streaming tag. The tag is a way to show your representation as part of the community and allow other LGBTQIA+ individuals find streams run by family. Allies are currently under attack for using this category, as it is invading a space which is not their own; I agree with this sentiment. The LGBTQIA+ tag is for members of the community, it's a space we should reserve the right to claim as our own but maybe there also needs to be a way for those that want to create a safe space as an ally to do this; so lets make that happen.

What are tags? Tags on Twitch are important tools to find new communities, and streamers! The streamer can choose up to a certain amount of tags for their broadcasts allowing viewers to search through those tags to find them.