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Allow doctors to treat Empty Nose Syndrome patients using health insurance coverage!

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There is only physician in the US who treats Empty Nose Syndrome with surgical implants and injections. He pioneered these treatments and has helped ENS patients for many years to manage debilitating symptoms, including me. Now the insurers will not allow him to treat ENS patients who need to use health insurance to pay for treatments, which can cost up to $20,000 out of pocket. This is a disgrace and incredibly disrespectful to the doctor and his patients. My insurance used to cover implants but it is no longer accepted, along with other insurance.

Please help us to demand that hospital, physician, and patient insurers allow doctors to practice medicine on the sickest patients. To block disabled patients, many of whom cannot work to earn money (myself included) to pay for treatment, is nothing less than a human rights violation. What is the point of universal healthcare if insurance is not accepted for the most basic medical care - for a condition caused by unnecessary, dangerous procedures like turbinectomy?

My implant was mistakenly removed during a corrective surgery for sleep apnea, which is one of the side effects of ENS. Since ENS is denied, doctors like my sleep surgeon do not believe that turbinates serve a purpose and that removal can lead to complications. All of the horrible symptoms of ENS have returned since the removal, destroying my sleep, breathing, and quality of life. My breathing is incredibly painful due to dryness and raw, burning pain from excessive tissue removal and nerve damage. I can only sleep a few hours at a time, and I wake up crying with pain, dizzy, nauseated, and exhausted. Many other ENS patients suffer the same life-ruining symptoms and have no access to treatment because of this rule. There is a history of suicide among untreated ENS patients because of the uncontrollable pain and destruction of quality of life - all caused by unnecessary surgery and the unregulated, unsafe practice of turbinectomy. 

My Fundraiser to replace my Implants and fix another botched surgery for sleep apnea:

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