Yarrabah animal abuse

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Many animals in the Yarrabah community are neglected and miss treated, they suffer the most horrendous injuries and are left to suffer the most inhumane deaths. Dogs are over bred and do not receive the care and medical treatment they need. Puppies are infected with parasites , full of worms and infections and often die . Intact male dogs fight over females in season and are left with debilitating injuries . Horses with leg injuries ,infected open wounds ,hoof abscesses roam in agony and left untreated . Time for this suffering to stop, owners of these animals must be held accountable for the cruelty and lack of care recieved . The council of Yarrabah needs to step up and find a solution to this on going neglect . A desexing program needs to put in place for the dogs ,cats and horses of Yarrabah , owners of these animals should be made to register their animals as it is the law for all pet owners, the council needs to do regular checks on the animals welfare and take action not turn a blind eye . This is now an issue that has been made public , people are totally outraged , including myself. Animals lifes matter too , if you choose to have a dog ,cat,horse you have a duty of care to give them the necessary care they need , in too many cases this is not happening. Hope to see a huge improvement soon ,action needs to taken now.