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Petitioning President of Saint Michael's College Jack Neuhauser and 2 others

Alumni Petition to Saint Michael's College: Reinstate Tom and Dannis, Apologize for unscrupulous union busting behavior

For the first time in college history, workers on campus voted last year to form a labor union to represent them.  Less than a year later,  college administrators fired two of the leading union organizers on staff.  Tom Kingston,  15 years of service to the college, and Dannis Hackney, 9 years of service, have been model campus citizens.  Firing workers for union activity is illegal, immoral, and below the social justice mission that Saint Michael's College claims to uphold.  We as alumni are calling on Saint Mike's administration to hold up the social justice tradition in action and not just in empty rhetoric.  Until the college does the right thing, we will not donate another dime to the school.

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Letter to
President of Saint Michael's College Jack Neuhauser
Director of Human Resources Michael New
Director of Marketing and Communications Buff Lindau
We have become aware of the recent unjust firings of two custodians on campus, Dannis Hackney and Tom Kingston. After nine and fifteen years of dedicated service respectively, Dannis and Tom are model campus citizens participating in the Saint Mike's community and leaving a lasting impression on students and alumni.

We are aware that Dannis and Tom were two of the leading union organizers on campus and believe that this activity led to their termination. Firing workers for union activity is illegal, immoral, and not in line with the social justice mission that Saint Michael's College claims to uphold. As alumni of Saint Michael's College, we are calling on you directly to do the right thing:
-Repair the harm to Tom & Dannis: Clear their records, issue an official apology, reinstate their employment or offer compensation for their unjust firing.
- Show respect to all custodians: The College should maintain a respectful work environment that recognizes the dignity of all employees on campus. It should expedite the current labor negotiation process and settle a contract with custodians in a timely manner.

Until you take these steps, we as alumni will not be donating money to Saint Michael's College. We look forward to resolving this injustice and resuming the pride we once held in our alma mater.

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