Fire Coach Glotta

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On Saturday, October 3rd, Coach Charles Glotta of Fort Zumwalt North High School in the Fort Zumwalt District shared something no teacher should vocalize on a platform (Twitter) that students are guaranteed to see. Said tweet and tweets after that are pictured above. After not one, but two half hearted apologies, students and faculty are still infuriated and surprised at his homophobic comment. This isn’t the first time he’s said something this ignorant, but it will be the last-if we can help it. Not only has Coach Glotta been known to make ignorant, horrific comments, but he is widely known among the students to sexually harass and assault his female and female presenting students. There are few who don’t have an experience with him, but those that don’t surely know someone who do. In the 2019-2020 school year, someone reported him for sexual assault and the school handled it horribly. All they did was talk to him to make sure he won’t do it “again.” This sorry excuse of a man should have been fired years ago, and it is embarrassing to the district and especially to the school that such an intolerant, disprespectful, creepy old man still works for them. Fort Zumwalt School District should right this wrong immediately.