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Protect Remmy and his siblings from their abusers

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My name is Remmy. I am 7 months old.
On July 26th, I was given to someone who was supposed to take care of me until my abusive owners could take me back.
My owners used gauze to wrap around my penis, so I couldn’t mate with their female dog Karma. They secured the gauze with electrical tape so tight, that it cut of my bladder and my penis.
They also took an ace bandage and wrapped it around me so no one knew what they had done to me. They put a muzzle on me that was so tight, I couldn’t eat or drink. It hurt my nose pretty bad.
When I had a hard time peeing, the people taking care of me noticed why, and they cut the "bandages" off of me. When they did that, my entire penis fell out.
A new owner finally taking good care of me took me to the vet and the vet said to keep me nice and clean, and keep it moist and help me put it back inside. The people taking care of me tried real hard to do just that. Well my injury started to bleed really badly, and I was getting weaker by the minute. The one kind lady helped me by wrapping her hands on me and stopping the blood. She took her shirt off and wrapped it around me to keep the blood stopped. Another lady called her vet and explained what happened. The people taking care of me raced me to the emergency vet’s office, where I got stitched up and some antibiotics. When they took me home to help me heal and start my new life with my amazing, and caring owners, the Altoona Police Department was there waiting for me and my brother Buddy. They said "dogs are replaceable." They told the people taking care of me that if they did not give me back to my abusive owners, that they would be arrested on the spot and charged with theft. The girl who paid for me to go to the vet, started to cry, because she knew I was in danger if I went back there. I know she loves me. I love her too, and I think I could have an awesome and happy life with her. The people taking care of me said they will do whatever they can to fight for me and my rights. I hope you all will spread the word, about me, my brother buddy, and my sister karma, and help me get back to her. Please share this story, and get me back to the people who love me.
This is what Ashley Boyles and Bryan Shypes did to THEIR dog. As he gushed blood the girl who was finally able to take care of him raced him to the emergency vet. She paid over $150 for him and the Altoona police department made her give the dog back to Ashley and Bryan. The police officers that were going to arrest her were Officer Starr and Mcreedy and the one who told her that dogs were replaceable (how heartless) was Officer Crisp.
Please protect these dogs from Ashley and Bryan and give Remmy back to the people who cared so lovingly for this dog.

Credit for original write up: Joeylynne Green

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