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Codetantra is not a sufficient platform to give exam and it's requirements is too much for a student and process of giving exam is bit tough.

No to code tantra means selective alternative solution or the previous method of exam. 

Codetantra have many issues 

1) For transfer of data via video and audio for continuous 3 hrs, a lot of data will be required and many students doesn't have that much of data for a day.

2) This sites prohibits use of earphone, many students use old laptop and might have problem in system audio device as it is very common.

3) Codetantra claims to be very user friendly but the instructions provided are very complex and one might do something by mistake which costs his/her exam

4) Laptop + Phone method will be utilized by most of and this will cost much more data than usual which might not be feasible by all.

5) There is no instructions of what to do when internet connection is lost.

6) Thapar students were utilizing same platform and faced a lot of problems causing in the cancellation of their exams. (Server crashed)

7) We have 3 hrs to give test as well as scan and upload.

8) Instructor was himself confused while demonstrating.

9) There are lots of way a student can get blocked in this platform which will hamper concentration of an individual also it will waste time.

10) For scan & upload they require lots of thing like Black gel pen, High resolution camera mobile phones which is not feasible for many.

11) Webinar was more like a YouTube video instead of an interactive session.

12) Demonstration was very confusing.

13) There are many specific requirement in scan & upload which can easily be missed by a student.

14) There is no option for cropping answer sheet and one will require to take picture of all pages if one pic get blurred

15) There is no option if an individual’s daily data get over.

16) The platform is really stressful.

17) Taking exams need lot of concentration and following these guidelines will disturb one’s concentration many time.

18) Avoiding a phone call or text is near to impossible for all those 3 hr and if that happens we will get blocked

19) It was claimed that Codetantra will be very user friendly and we will have a smooth exam. But with our experience it’s not user friendly at all, very difficult to understand and there is no assurance of a smooth examination.

20) Using this platform will affect everyone’s grade and being 4th year students we might also lose some crucial Placement opportunity just because of this platform.


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