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End Animal Testing for ALS Research : Implement Known Alternative Methods

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      Myotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS,  is a neurodegenerative disease for the 30,000 who live with it. The ALSA Foundation has taken it upon themselves to make the decision that animal's lives must be sacrificed in order to find a cure.

      The ALSA's effort to spreading awareness (and raising funds particularly) is commendable and remarkable. But unfortunately beings dying from ALS does not end with just humans as the ALSA currently experiments on animals under the guise of finding a human cure. 

      The ALSA officially refers to animals as "models". These models are put through torturous experiments in order to not only induce disease similar to ALS, but then also given cocktails of drugs which typically ends in the death of the animals used. These models are not given a choice and don't volunteer for these trials.

      Animal suffering in the name of curing human suffering is an unnecessary evil. There are many cheaper and often used alternatives which exist,human tissue testing for example. The ALSA should stop all animal testing and put all effort into applying alternative methods of experimentation as well as applying more research into prevention of this human disease.

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