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Stop wasting #IceBucketChallenge donations on animal testing!

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We all love the Ice Bucket Challenge. It's a fun and clever way to spread awareness and raise funds for a worthy cause. "We all", that is the over two million participants who have donated $88.5 million, with $9 million pouring in daily at the moment.

ALS is an awful disease that deserves to be ended forever. And as supporters, we'd obviously love to further that.

So please stop trying to find a cure through animal testing. Not only does it mean unnecessary torture for innocent creatures, but it also stalls the discovery of working treatment methods.

Mice do not work as models for humans. They cannot get ALS, even the symptoms they show during tests only resemble some of the actual disease's. So even if a drug works to fight those symptoms, it most likely will not in humans. If anything, the people testing the drugs for the first time will risk their health in the hope of betterment and most of the time be disappointed at the very least.

While time and resources are being wasted on these procedures, patients with Lou Gehrig's disease are waiting and suffering without any effective medication, as mentioned e.g. in the Huffington Post.

There are alternatives to animal testing that have proven to be more reliable. Computer simulations and in vitro testing have shown better results and more closely resemble what actually happens in a person's body when they suffer from the illness. The public's donations must be used to find a cure, to help, and that is not the case when rodents are being used as "models".

The Ice Bucket Challenge has become so big and powerful, something we want to support with all our hearts to help fight something so negative in such a positive way. Don't take away from its impact by tainting the overall picture of what it does.

So: ALS Association, please concentrate on finding therapy methods without wasting precious time, resources and lives - stop animal testing!

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Update: while I'm not your average Daily Mail reader, this is an article worth reading if you want proof that there are better ways, better things to invest in over animal testing:

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