Stand with Dana Falsetti against Alo Yoga's lawsuit

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As a thought-leader, yoga teacher, writer and public speaker, Dana Falsetti inspires a whole community of yoga enthusiasts. Dana encourages people to resist body-shaming stereotypes, to know themselves, to step into their power, and to live authentically. You may also know her as @nolatrees on Instagram. 

Dana is now being sued by business-giant Alo Yoga because she spoke out publicly about their exclusionary marketing campaigns featuring only the thin and athletic elite and the fact that they had been trying to acquire her online content through a third-party partnership. Alo Yoga responded with not one but two lawsuits claiming her words were defamatory and libellous. 

Will you stand with us -- a community of inclusive and not-for-profit yoga teachers and students --  today and demand Alo Yoga stop their lawsuits against Dana Falsetti? 

In America, legal costs can easily exceed $100,000 and most Americans can’t afford to defend one lawsuit, let alone two. Big businesses, however, have the profits to deploy a battalion of lawyers, and that’s a powerful device.

Dana has been living with that fear and fighting corporate giant Alo Yoga on her own since December. But she’s reached the end of what she can accomplish on her own -- she has exhausted her resources. It's time we, as a community of yoga students and teachers, get behind Dana and demand justice. 

Sign and share this petition today to make sure Alo Yoga hear our voices.

You can also support Dana Falsetti by donating to her legal fees fund set up by Kino McGregor >>