Payday 2's Microtransactions: We don't want them.

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I am a payday fan, I've played the original Payday: The Heist, as well as the second Payday 2. But never would I want to see a microtransaction in the game that I love so dearly. I have put alot of time into the game, Many people already know that this has caused too much crap on the games community page on steam, People have already deleted their game, and have stated "We want refunds" In anger, But I think I have a solution, that is simple, and easy.

1. You remove the payment option on the "Drills" to open the crates, Make them free like how you unlock the crate! Just basicly a "Card drop" to were its free, and not a pay walled "P2W" gun.

Now, You may say I am over reacting, about this whole "Micro-transaction" thing. But I'm not, You see. In the game, if you pay attention to what it claims, It says that it "BOOSTS" the guns combat ability, DMG,Accuracy, ETC. Just basicly the stats of the gun are changed, But its a serious unbalanced thing. Given the fact it gives you OP guns in exchange for payment of 2 Dollars+. Its not worth it..

Almir, Change what you have broken. Make things right. Please, For all the heisters out there, Please.

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