Removal of the Newly Appointed Fayetteville State University Chancellor

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The UNC Board of Governors appointed the former UNC Board of Governors member Darrell Allison as the new Chancellor of Fayetteville State University on Thursday, February 18, 2021. Darrell Allison was not one of the top five finalists for the position.  The Chairman of the Board of Trustees expressed that Darrell Allison was a unanimous pick, which is quite the contrary per insiders and those close to the selection process.

Darrell Allison resigned from his position as a member of the UNC Board of Governors in September 2020, likely with the expectation of knowing that he would become the New Chancellor of Fayetteville State University because of his relationship with the President UNC Board of Governors. Equally in question is the watering down of requirements of the position as well as the change in appointment procedure by the UNC Board of Governors.  The selection process was fraudulent, dishonest, biased, flawed and cheated from the beginning.  Unethical maneuvers allowed Darrell Allison the pathway to become a candidate for the position in the first place.  In addition, we believe that it was also Allison’s ties to his Mother-in-law and his Godmother who both serve on the FSU Board of Trustees that also proved favorable to his appointment as Fayetteville State University’s Twelfth Chancellor.

Darrell Allison, without one day of experience in teaching, serving as a Dean, being a provost, or any other capacity building or training in Higher Education, is given the responsibility of educating students and leading them in an Academic Institution of Higher Learning. Allison lacks the Education, Knowledge and Experience that one is assumed to have before becoming the Chancellor of an institution.  Darrell Allison additionally has a history of scandals involving Financial Mismanagement, Tampering with Leadership and Steering Vendor Contracts. FSU doesn't desire or deserve Darrell Allison.