Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar- Create Content Urging Men to Stand Up for Women's Safety

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Anjali* (name changed) has had to deal with boys trying to take advantage of her even before she was a teenager, and still shivers when she thinks of the incident. Her parents’ fear led to them not sending her to school, and Anjali believes that this fear will stay with her forever. Nobody stepped up then to help her, and nobody is helping her now.

Anjali isn’t alone. Every 5 minutes, a woman in India faces some sort of assault or violence online or offline.

While there are more and more conversations around gender safety taking place in cities, the majority of voices for the longest time are always women alone. Why should victims and survivors have to fight alone?

A big reason for this is the lack of conversations around and depictions of bystander activism and allyship in mainstream content. Our behaviours are ultimately influenced by the popular culture we consume, and leveraging the power of OTT services to make content around allyship and bystander activism could go a long way in spreading the message that allyship should be second nature to us, and that women’s safety concerns are not just something that women should worry about.

It is time to bring back the ‘human’ in humanity, and rise to the occasion of allying up. Sign my petition asking OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Sony Liv, Voot and AltBalaji to create more content that talks about allyship and normalises bystander activism.

Men must stop being mute spectators when women are being abused and assaulted - be it online or offline as this only slows down our fight for justice.

Safe spaces cannot be made safe if we don’t talk about the contribution of every human being within that safe space. That’s why men need to see why their participation as being significant. The more we leave them behind, the more it becomes about us vs them, instead of us against the problem of years of conditioned patriarchy.

Every time we include an ally in our fight and show them how and why this journey is difficult yet important, we surmount one obstacle, i.e., undoing years of conditioning and helping them unlearn the very rigid rules of patriarchy.

Sign my petition and also pledge your support to the #AllyUpForHer campaign. Our aim is to appeal to the collective consciousness of the society to bring this behavioural shift and to lift the burden off women. The people who are in a lot of ways responsible for the fate and the action of these girls, are the ones who need to be contributing to this change.

If OTT platforms with their tremendous reach and influence are able to create impactful and meaningful content around allyship and people of all genders joining hands for gender safety, then it would become a part of mainstream discourse and encourage more men to be allies, and not silent spectators to violations of women safety.

If you, like me, believe that women’s human rights are not just an issue for women, but for everyone, then sign my petition. Let’s break stereotypes and challenge regressive thoughts in all circles. Because real change will not come from a collective outrage, it will come from an individual change of heart.

*Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.