Companies: Stop advertising on Fox News

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“The most effective thing Americans can do is boycott companies that advertise on Fox. They bankroll the poison that goes from the studio into Trump’s head. The second is vote.” – Financial Times’ U.S. National Editor

Fox News is propaganda disguising itself as news. It peddles conspiracy theories, hate speech, and ignorance. Its announcers parrot white nationalist talking points and frequently push racist narratives. Fox News lowers the level of our public discourse, and is a key route for fringe views to make their way into the mainstream. Fox News encourages polarization, fear and hatred.

Like any other media organization, Fox News is made possible by its advertisers. Major companies bankroll Fox News with their advertising purchases.

The signers of this petition ask Fox New’s top advertisers to stop advertising there. Until they stop advertising on Fox News, we will boycott their products.

This spreadsheet includes detailed contact information for the companies listed in this petition. In addition to signing and sharing this petition, please contact them to tell them what you think of their supporting one of the most negative influences in American society today.