Covid19: Refunds for your car insurance

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Insurance companies are offering to refund part of the cost of your car insurance due to a reduction in the number of people driving during the Covid19 lockdown. However, the amount being refunded by certain companies, such as Allstate, do not make sense. They are offering a mere 25% refund of the *monthly* cost on your car insurance, which amounts to around $40 at most. I’m sure you would agree there has been more than a 25% reduction in the amount you have driven in one month during this lockdown. 

This petition was started because I believe we deserve more than the small compensation they’re offering. People have been complying with quarantine and staying home and insurance companies have not had the need to pay out nearly as much money for auto insurance claims. I believe as responsible citizens we deserve a refund of *at least* a month’s worth of the annual cost of car insurance. 

If you agree we deserve a bigger refund on car insurance please sign and share this petition and let’s get our money back!