Allow wheelchairs on flights

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Being in a wheelchair hasn’t stopped me from travelling the world, but it has meant that many of my flights have been uncomfortable, dangerous and upsetting. I’ve been dropped several times by airport staff carrying me out of my wheelchair. This is why I’m calling on airlines like British Airways, Ryanair and Easyjet, to let wheelchair users like me remain in our own chairs during flights.

Right now, airlines carry or hoist wheelchair users from their own chair onto a seat on the plane. But the airlines should provide a space at the front of the plane for wheelchair users to stay in their own wheelchair, like on buses and trains. Surely in an inclusive society, this is not too much to ask?

I’ve been in a wheelchair since suffering a stroke 8 years ago. It left me with locked-in syndrome, but I’ve been determined to keep living my dreams. I’ve travelled the world, gone bungee jumping, dived with sharks and ridden a camel - but getting on a plane is still difficult and uncomfortable, and when I’ve been dropped it’s ruined my trip.

Airlines are always innovating - they’ve found a way to get a 400 tonne metal vehicle in the air, and even to stream Netflix at 30,000 feet! I’m sure they can find a way to let wheelchair users board their planes in the safety and comfort of their own chairs. This change would make a huge difference to the lives of everyone who travels in a wheelchair. Please sign this petition to help make this happen.