Allow temporary deactivation of Credit/Debit Cards to avoid Online/Offline Fraud

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Nowadays ATM/Online/Office fraud of debit/credit card is very common issue across India. It is no longer secured to withdraw money from ATM by using debit card, as it is very easy to install device which can duplicate your debit card and steal your PIN. Similarly, while we do use our debit/credit card for any online or offline (POS) transaction, we are again at risk of being scammed by fraudster.

There is a simple solution for this by allowing us to activate/deactivate our debit/credit cards as per our requirement by using a similar API like UPI and a smartphone application with an option of offline triggering method like we do for UPI transfer using USSD offline mobile banking. Hypothetically it is also very easy to get the information about all of our debit/credit cards as all of them are now linked with our AADHAAR number.

National Payments Corporation of India can helps us to mandate this for all the banks like they did for UPI. This will help us to activate our debit/credit card just before any online or offline transaction and then deactivate it. It will be very safe and secure way to use our debit/credit cards without being tense, at least we will not be panicked as soon as we receive any SMS notification from our bank, like we do now.

I am requesting you all to support this petition and get this implemented. Also requesting to share this as much as you can.